Always challenging with precise requirements and protocols, our defence projects have the benefit of specific ESG-developed automated systems to report data to GFIS and SDMP defence standards.

Our senior managers and survey personnel work closely with defence clients and openly share our knowledge, technology and innovative problem-solving to deliver outstanding outcomes. See a recent ESG Defence Project summary


  • Full Survey and GIS  Management and consultancy of defence projects
  • Pre design detail surveys to GFIS/SDMP standards.
  • Pre design survey of services from electronic trace.
  • Create and maintain Master Plans for Defence sites.
  • Construction set out of all infrastructure.
  • Survey Control Networks and Management.
  • Hire GPS with site specific coding and ongoing training to minimise contractors costs.
  • Conformance surveys.
  • Service locating using electronic trace and Ground penetrating Radar.
  • Survey pot holed services and create drawings for dig permits.
  • Survey all constructed above and below ground  services and features to GFIS standards.
  • Maintain and update site specific Master Plans with all new As Built data.


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