Porters Creek Dam is situated within the Morton National Park (NSW) near Ulladulla, with a catchment area of approximately 5.2km. Currently the dam is undergoing rehabilitation which is mainly composed of fortifying the existing wall.

The project entails excavation of the current dam wall foundations followed by the construction of 5000m3 of concrete gravity buttress of the downstream face.

The scope of works for survey include preparation of methodologies for approval by the principal, checking and verifying design data, high order control establishment, Construction monitoring, Construction setout, conformance validations and Work As Executed.

ESG are also responsible for the Dam Wall monitoring prior to and post construction, the setup of the long term monitoring network and the scheduling of survey works.

ESG is using high precision and accurate Trimble S8 robotics with Specific automated software to enable all monitoring to be performed in a efficient and streamlined manner so as to ensure there are no delays in the construction process.


Client: Leed Engineering and Construction
Location: Porters Creek, NSW
Completed: 2016 – Ongoing
Value: $6 million

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