ESG has been in partnership with KFW Infrastructure professionals and working for the developer NDCO (St Trinity Property Group) for all Construction Surveying for this significant Wollongong residential development project, Crown Wollongong, since 2015.

The Wollongong Crown Street complex has four residential towers with prime retail and commercial suites, including a landscaped podium with a swimming pool and secure parking. Over 14 levels, 317 elegant apartment units are on offer in the heart of Wollongong, close to the university, beach, parklands and rapidly developing CBD district.

The project approaches completion in 2016 with ESG being instrumental to ensure the development moves along with precise and accurate survey details at critical construction points.

One of the considerations for surveying high density developments (as in towers or high rise buildings) is to factor in precise and accurate measurement to ensure a multi-story building maintains vertical integrity during construction.  These type of projects are often long-term commitments, with regular checks and surveys at each step of high rise construction.

For good background information from one of our technology partners, Trimble, see this summary of key points about the challenges facing surveyors for high rise infrastructure monitoring.

ESG continues to expand surveying services (and success stories) within the High Rise Sector in NSW with more projects in the works for Sydney and Wollongong as well as WA, QLD and VIC. Contact ESG about surveying services for any high rise survey project.


Client: NDCO
Location: Crown St, Wollongong
Completed: 2016

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