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Why you need to work with a Registered Surveyor

“Any survey of your property’s boundaries in the State of New South Wales is, by law, required to be conducted or supervised by a registered land surveyor.”

Those are words straight from the authority: the NSW regulatory group BOSSI – Board of Surveying and Spatial Information of NSW.

The good news is that ESG has NSW, WA and ACT registered surveyors on projects under the leadership and guidance of ESG Cadastral Survey Manager Paul Blackadder. With over 40 years of experience, Paul upholds BOSSI’s regulations and requirements to ensure that using ESG for land surveys will meet with all regulatory requirements.

Every survey job ESG undertakes is carefully managed and monitored. We will meet or exceed compliance for registered surveyor requirements across our scope of clients.

What’s the difference of hiring a registered surveyor?

Tested knowledge and skilled education are the foundation of gaining qualifications as a registered land surveyor in Australia, also referred to as a cadastral surveyor. A four year degree in Surveying or equivalent is required with a Certificate of Competency in NSW –either from the University of NSW or the University of Newcastle.

Apart from regulatory compliance, hiring a registered surveyor means you have insights from someone with professional experience and industry affiliations. They are committed and informed. See some of the registered surveyor industry support groups here.

Understand the requirements

What are your obligations on a land survey? According to a BOSSI information leaflet:

It is illegal for anyone who is not a registered land surveyor to carry out any survey involving property boundaries, including the setting out of buildings at a stated offset from a property boundary.

Registered land surveyors in NSW are regulated by legislation which is administered by the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI) www.bossi.nsw.gov.au.

BOSSI is your assurance that a land surveyor’s work will be carried out competently, correctly and professionally.

When engaging a surveyor to undertake work involving the location of your property’s boundaries, it is advisable to check that the surveyor responsible for the survey is registered in NSW.

Anyone who is not a registered land surveyor and undertakes boundary surveys cannot be insured against incorrect, defective or substandard work, as they are breaking the law.

Using a land surveyor who is not registered can expose you to serious and costly risks relating to building compliance and encroachments.

To confirm that a surveyor is registered, please contact BOSSI on 02 6332 8238 during office hours. The Board can confirm the status of any surveyor to give you peace of mind that your boundaries are in safe hands.

Good advice on surveys from ESG

Due diligence is expected from professional services like land surveys. Take care with who you select for your survey project. If in doubt, check if your surveyor is one of the 1,042 registered surveyors practicing in NSW (2015 data) or contact ESG to see how we can fulfil your registered survey requirements.