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Our nation’s capital and home to about 380,000 people (the ACT has over 550,000) is on a growth spurt. More than 25,000 businesses operate in Canberra, most of which are small specialties helping grease the wheels of government, the area’s predominant employer. Every construction project starts with a land survey, and Canberra surveying is no exception.

Property boundary and construction surveys are in high demand in Canberra. With international diplomatic visitors, a large university community and regular interstate tourism, Canberra needs a steady increase of housing, facilities and infrastructure to accommodate its many guests.

ESG is proud to of been a part of a number of ACT and Canberra survey and development projects including:

  • Wreck Bay Subdivision
  • HMAS Creswell contracts for defence
  • Housing and residential surveys

A number of milestone developments are in progress around Canberra. One of these is Infinity Towers, Canberra’s highest residential buildings in Gungahlin town centre to tower over the city skyline. This apartment development offers 5-star living with inspiring architecture, on sale now with expected 2017 completion.

To talk to ESG about your residential, commercial or infrastructure project in and around Canberra, call (02) 6100 6473 or our national number on 1300 677 394.

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