Campbelltown – Macarthur region growing at record pace

Campbelltown Surveying Services

Sydney development continues to soar with new homes, services and infrastructure planned for the next 20 years. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Campbelltown to Sydney’s southwest where construction of 35,000 new homes has been planned to house over 100,000 people. Every construction project starts with a land survey, and Campbelltown surveying is no exception.

This ‘Priority Growth Area’ (as identified by NSW Government Planning & Environment) is still in early stages in 2016, but a number of significant projects are already underway.

Roads and transport, water and utilities, residential homes and subdivisions, land development, even a new town, Wilton, are all proposed for the Campbelltown-Macarthur region. You can see plans for 2016 and beyond (up to 2036) on the pdf of a recent Community Update here.

ESG has a number of Campbelltown survey projects on the go including:

  • Railway Detailed Site Surveys – Sydney Trains
  • Pre-design surveys for Woollondilly Shire Council
  • Housing and residential surveys 

ESG is happy to assist planners, builders and homeowners alike to ensure requirements are met for any development projects that start with accurate, detailed land mapping or surveys. See more about how ESG performs Surveying across all market segments. 

To talk to ESG about your residential, commercial or infrastructure project in Campbelltown, call (02) 4602 5050 or our national number on 1300 677 394.

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